Tue 17 June 2014


Special color is a value added that is increasing in importance in general offers of our enclosures.
We decided then to offer a special service for some basic colors, for the most important series of our production:

For the other product lines, other color options are already part of our offer and special color offer won't be integrated.

All of standard colors are listed in our pricelist, for all the others we request an extracost for the managment.
To give you an idea, the average extracost would be € 400,00 for any batch produced, that would then be spread on the number of pieces effectively ordered.

For the details please see "SPECIAL MOLDED VERSIONS".

In the case the color is a special one not included in our pricelist, on specific request, minimum production for any product is done by the minimum production batch of the plastic material (1000 kg) and by the weight of the enclosure, for example:
• 2M: 30.000pcs
• 9M: 8.000 pcs
• 48x96: 6.000 pcs
• 96x96: 3.000 pcs

Also in this case we request some extracosts which are the same as indicated in the 'SPECIAL MOLDED VERSIONS' as follows:

- if the order does not need all of the special raw material, we will charge the remaining part to the customer. In case there are multiple deliveries planned, we will subtract the cost of the material used.
In this case we request the special raw material payment to be done in advance.

- the special colored raw material is generally more expensive compared to the standard Italtronic one, so the resulting pricelist is more or less 10% higher.

- the specific color sometimes needs to be formulated by the supplier, who makes a special sample for 1000€ price.
This process is not always necessary, but if it not done the customer has to accept small color variations with respect to the desired color.


Another possibility could be to use the standard neutral color, completed with special additives called MASTER.
This additives do not modify the formulation of the material and its characteristics if they are used in the right way, so they maintain the technical characteristics included in the tipical omologations like UL.

For the management of this technique for the special color, there is a production process which is very simple and includes the production of samples to be approved by the customer, for a price of € 600,00 and a delivery time of approximately 4 weeks.

Then, production will be available in around 2 weeks with an extracost exactly corresponding to the one included into the 'SPECIAL CODES SERVICE'.
In this case the management of the color isn't so critic for what regards the number of pieces and the corresponding use, and so it isn't critic either for the remaining raw material, because what is remaining is the master which has a value of around € 700 for 25 kg (which correspond to the production of around 5.000 kg of colored products).

The difficulties arise because final quality of the product is less stable and can have small changings in the color, with a range of +/- 5% with respect to the optical control with 5.000°K light (250W) positioned at 1 m distance from the object, or measured with spectrograph.

The optical control cannot be measured using percentages, but 5% of it corresponds to a difference which can be seen by human eyes with objects to be compared in the same scene for less than 1 second.
This is less important in the case we use the pre-colored materail coming from the supplier of raw plastic material, instead of being colored in the molding department, since controls are automatics and more precise.

Costs of production are:
- the material in special color is generally more expensive of the standard one offered by Italtronic, so the pricelist increases on average by 10%;

- if the customer wants to keep the responsability for small differences in the color and does not request the sample, we can agree to reduce the extracost to 300,00 €.