Now there is a SIMPLE AND FAST SERVICE available to help develop technical drawings that you need to complete adapting your electronic boards to our enclosures.

.1 Check the electronic board has been designed for housing in one of our enclosures;
.2 Send us your electronic board in order for us to adapt our enclosure by mechanical  processing;
.3 Send us the technical notes with a detailed description of the technical features we have to respect.

.1 A sample for you to validate;
.2 The technical drawings to use as reference for future orders;
.3 Cost quotations for the mechanical processing work and printing (graphics).

In the event the adaption also requires our work to ALTER OR DEVELOP NEW PARTS OF THE ENCLOSURE MOULD OR ACCESSORIES, we will give you a 3D printed sample, the technical drawings and cost quotations to develop and alter the mould.

This new service is not free but is very competitive, fast and precise.
Obviously the speed and precision of our service depends on the reliability of the information you give us.

If our sample does not comply with your specifications or expectations, we will make the appropriate changes to ensure you are fully satisfied. 

The costs are included in a fixed rate of € 300,00 to develop a project for the enclosure and the accessories to complete it. Any alteration costs generated by any additional requests from you will entail an extra € 100,00.

Should work also be required on the moulds, the development service cost * will increase to €500.00 for the changes to the enclosure mould and €200.00 for the changes to the accessory moulds. (*The costs are indicative of the development service for the alteration and, therefore, do not include the cost for physically changing the mould).

ITALTRONIC does not consider this a business opportunity and wishes only to partially recover the primary costs.

With this service we offer a fast response to anyone who does not have the technical resources available and wants to quickly achieve the cost assessments with the corresponding sample provided.

If the CUSTOMER ALREADY HAS 3D DOCUMENTATION that is correct and useful to produce the mould, THE SERVICE IS FREE and we can immediately proceed using our efficient post-processing service.
Together with the sample we will send quotations for the production.

If you need to implement the project with any new ideas you have, we will send you an additional cost estimate.

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Marketing & Sales Director
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