Just one year ago, Italtronic decided to give concrete answers to a particular and rapidly evolving world that I identify with the same name of the important German trade fair: EMBEDDED WORLD to which I have invited you.

My idea is to give solutions where our traditional sector, industrial electronics, comes into contact with the new EMBEDDED WORLD.

When companies involved in this sector is willing to use EMBEDDED electronic boards available in the market, they meet Italtronic ready to provide the right container for DIN rail or for other typical applications in the industry. Therefore, we help our customers to test applications that tend to the EMBEDDED WORLD.

Always more frequently, it happens that new ideas developed by young designers, used to work with embedded boards, are echoed in the industrial world.

There is a fine line between the two worlds that are in continuous integration. Italtronic is willing to work on the best concepts expressed by both entities, combining them together and offering the appropriate solution.

I know very well the mindset of who is involved in the industrial world and that invest great energy in order to obtain a high-tech product, as well as an assurance of product stability over time, combined with the best possible cost. I believe that EMBEDDED WORLD needs extraordinarily fast reactions because of a short product’s life cycle compared to typical in the industry.

For a company as Italtronic is difficult to develop plastic containers combining all these requirements, however, I have identified a path for us, based on new concepts. Italtronic is therefore able to propose a container solution for a new EMBEDDED board, just few weeks after the official presentation of the same, immediately updating its catalog, price list and stock.

The final price of the product is correct and as every consumer electronic products could come down in price in accordance with its maturity. Of course, the overall quality of the product is guaranteed by the same high standard of our production, for which we are recognized as the best global manufacturer of containers for DIN rail.

Looking forward to your comments, I will wait for you at the EMBEDDED WORLD fair.

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