Dear All,

we are pleased to inform you that are available new applications for our enclosures 4M XTS and 6M XTS Modulbox XTS.

The products can be equipped with terminals on both sides (version A) or only on one side (version B) and protection cover strips in accordance with MID legislation.

MID: MID Legislation "Measuring Instruments Directive" regulates the measuring instruments used for commercial purposes and metric-legal uses - Directive 2004/22/EC.

You can consult directly on the website, the recommended enclosure for the MIS use:
4M XTS MID Energy Counters
6M XTS MID Energy Counters

Please look at the 3D pdf of the applications by clicking on the download section below.
*The 3D PDF can be viewed with Acrobat Reader. Read the instructions to enable the 3D content.