Dear friends,
small enclosures of CBOX line for electronic equipment, to be settled behind the electrical switches or within electrical boxes, have been developed with new extremely interesting features!

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The main new features are listed below:

1. Three different thicknesses with the same measures of the basic printed circuit board.
2. Additional mounting system for safety or for wall mounting.
3. Fast basic assembly system thanks to a simple click.
4. Compatibility with numerous connection systems, including KNX.
5. Low-cost mold customization.
6. Price list lowered by at least 40% for new versions.

Soon, we will present you the same line adapted to the system of rectangular electrical boxes as you can already guess in CBOX model 503 "coming soon" reported below.

In addition, CBOX UNIVERSAL transparent, equipped with display and capacitive keypad, is a TOP technology solution at a little cost.
This line has been improved with the new transparent version on which it is possible to print directly on the front by digital printing, allowing a high quality finish at very low cost.
It will be available soon CBOX UNIVERSAL for electrical boxes with 60 mm diameter and equipment, instead of the single switch.


Please fins below the links to view the available documentation:

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