Dear Customers,
We would like to inform you that we have decided to POSTPONE THE PRICE INCREASE SCHEDULED FOR THE NEXT JANUARY 2015.

As previously announced, Italtronic has decided to change the material in order to offer to their customers ENCLOSURES FOR ELECTRONIC made with the best plastics currently on the market. This transformation requires a longer lead-time, and so we have decided the price list will be updated only at the end of this activity.

I consider very important to share with you the guidelines that will be followed by the company for the introduction of new materials, and in the coming months, I will provide you with more details:

• From February 2015, we forecast to start the production of several product lines with new "material combinations".  Already by this month, it will be possible to find containers made out of new material in some shipments.
• Within May 2015, our inventory will be mostly converted to the new materials. Please be advised, therefore, that during this period you could receive mixed supplies of products made out of both materials.

I personally think that the decision taken by the Company is very important because it will allow our customers to deal effortlessly with the certification tests, satisfying the requirements of the certification Authorities.

The lines involved in material variations (please find attached the technical data sheets) are:


We will avoid providing you accessories and enclosures made out of different materials in order to prevent any aesthetic or technical dispute.
Please let us know about your possible needs, especially if your products have already been subject to approvals from regulatory authorities.
I will also inform you - as soon as possible - about the change of plastic raw materials on some product lines currently in testing.

I hope that - despite its complexity - the change of materials can lead to the satisfaction of all, with the utmost spirit of collaboration.

Best Regards.

Mauro Toninato
Marketing & Sales Director
Italtronic Srl

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