Dear Friends,
We are pleased to present a NEW ACCESSORY for our EMBEDDED BOX series of enclosures.

This new accessory has been designed to simplify and reduce the assembly time for the EMBEDDED boards (such as Arduino, Raspberry, etc.) and is formed of a simple, fine sheet of plastic that the spacers are incorporated in ready for screwing.

The plastic sheet must be positioned and glued to the enclosure base using the double-sided adhesive tape supplied in the enclosure KIT.

In the standard basic KIT we have included an adapter for each EMBEDDED board, which means the anchoring using screws, spacers and nuts has been eliminated that had to be put in the enclosure holes and EMBEDDED boards.

Wherever possible, we have prepared the anchoring for a new board, which would be placed alongside the main board.

The figure above shows an example drawing, and below is the code list for the boards concerned:

- 25.0810000.MEGA

- 25.0610000.RMB

- 33.0614000.RMB

- 25.0610000.RP3

- 33.0614000.RP3

- 35.0814000.RCM

- 25.0610000.OCP 

The new KITS will come on sale as soon as the current stocks are finished.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Yours sincerely,

Mauro Toninato
Marketing & Sales Director
Italtronic Srl

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