With the SPACER XTS accessory we are able to supply you with a new enclosure to fix on a DIN bar, with a total height of 120 mm.

It has been designed for use with the MODULBOX XTS COMPACT series of enclosures, but is also compatible with the MODULBOX XTS series if you also need the front transparent panel.

The SPACER XTS will be available from the beginning of October for 4M and 6M sizes.
Considering the kit with the relative MODULBOX XTS COMPACT enclosure, the final measurements of the new enclosures will be:

4M with kit:

P35040000D.BL (nuovo codice)
+ 35.0407000.BL

90mm x L 71mm x H 120mm

6M con kit:

P35060000D.BL (nuovo codice)
+ 35.0607000.BL

B 90mm x L 106mm x H 120mm

There are a number of guides inside the SPACER XTS for PCB, with thickness ranging from 1.6 mm to 1 mm.

Below is a drawing of some assembly combinations for the printed circuits.


They can be used with all the MODULBOX XTS COMPACT and XTS models and their accessories:

• Type A: with terminal outlet on both sides.

• Type B: with terminal outlet on only one side.

• Type C: completely closed, to be customised with possibility of connector outlet with CNC working.

Terminals and terminal covers approved for horizontal printed circuits (PCB-S-O) are given in the PCB technical specifications.
Terminals and terminal covers for the PCB-S-A are all those available for the MODULBOX XTS COMPACT series.

The standard version of the SPACER XTS will be completely closed on all 4 sides, and can easily be customised with CNC working, such as ventilation apertures, terminal outlets, etc., and with digital printing on all 4 sides.

The two new products will be made with the same material as the enclosures (so always similar to RAL 7035 colour) and will consequently satisfy the UL-V0 standards.

They are already available in our website among the accessories for the MODULBOX XTS COMPACT and XTS enclosures, in sizes 4M and 6M with all the respective technical specifications and certifications.

We thank you for your attention.

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