For many years, Italtronic has been proposing solutions for some typical signals for BUS management. These signals must reach all the devices mounted on the Din rail.

The signals are often managed separately and grouped together in a single connection system, cable, flat cable, special contacts and others.

Frequently, in Din rail applications, a solution is proposed with an insulated support with copper or other tracks, inserted and fixed inside the DIN rail, where the BUS is connected. It is easy to contact the Bus signals to be connected in the device, hooked onto the Din rail, thanks to special connectors. The latter contact the BUS rails and connect them to the electronics of the device.

There are many variations on this theme, but the principle is the same, namely to take advantage of connecting as few wires as possible.

However, all this is not as easy as it seems.
Mechanical play is involved which is difficult to eliminate, caused by parts made by different manufacturers.
Then, some installers do not realise that there is a BUS, because it is hidden, and they damage the system during simple maintenance.

To solve this problem we propose a really simple system, with the BUS connection on the highest part of the DIN RAIL device.

It is easy to manoeuvre when connecting or disconnecting, it can be seen very clearly and is EXTREMELY SAFE AT CONNECTION LEVEL, because it uses the traditional Pin system with a female soldered onto the printed circuit.

It is produced by PILZ and is identified with the code 750020.

All the adaptations on our enclosures are already available in stock, so that you can use this excellent system. They are simply Top panels appropriately processed, with the enclosure, for the MODULBOX line.

As usual, you can order the new BUS panels and the enclosures directly on-line via our e-commerce site, or contact our customer care service. You can also ask for a free sample.

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